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The purpose of this treatment is to stimulate the growth of the tissues of the penile shaft. This translates to:
  • Permanent lengthening of the penis of 1.2 to 2 inches in erection.
  • Also 1.2 to 2 inches in flaccidity,
  • And a thickening of nearly 1/2 an inch in girth.
The device is worn in the flaccid state for a period of either 4 or 10 hours a day obtaining an accumulative growth of 0.2 in. per month. It should be worn for a period of 4-6 months depending on the growth desired. The inches gained will last a lifetime.

There is a correction of 70% in penile deviations or curvatures. The treatment will last 6-8 months.

Before and After Photos

The two series of photos taken before and after 6 months of treatment, show the efficacy of this method.

Patient A

penis enlargement Before photo
penis enlargement after photo
Patient B

penis enlarge before photo
penis enlarge after photo

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